SIF Resources

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support of the Edison Electric Institute and our industry initiative to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. Be sure to visit the Sponsors Page.

OSHA Safe + Sound Panel Discussion: The Power to Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF).
View the Video Recording and/or access the Questions and Answers collected from this event.

Safety Classification & Learning Model (SCL)
View the Video Recording and/or access the resources to the Safety Classification and Learning Model created from a study undertaken to develop a definition of a PSIF incident; develop a standard for recordkeeping of PSIF incidents; and develop recommendations for learning from SIF incidents.

Precursor Analysis Project
View the Video Recording and/or access the resources from this two-year study that combined scientific rigor with a practical perspective to arrive at a research-supported strategy for assessing the likelihood of a SIF incident from brief field engagements.

Severity-Based Lagging Indicator
SBLI is a lagging indicator that uses a weighted sum method and information typically reported on the OSHA 300 log to create an indexed safety score. Access the resource that explains SBLI.